Action Videos

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The machine is now to the point that I can play it. W00t!

Order from Bob Roberts in!!!

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Yeah, got home from work and was rather excited to see that my order had arrived safe and sound. Packaged really well. Really a class act. Can’t say much else.

More orders placed

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So after fitting the television in the pinball machine I decided to place an order for some of the parts that I would need. I ordered two sets of flipper buttons, one red and one white. I decided to go with the groovy game gear trueleaf buttons. While I was at it I also ordered a ledwiz 32 and some quick disconnects. I also ordered 5 RGB flashers and matching heatsyncs from ebay. These are coming from china and say that they wont be in till next month. Ouch… The last order that I placed was with Here is where the bulk of the parts are coming from. I ordered leg level covers, buttons, springs, cabinet protectors, and a whole slew of other things that I cannot even remember. I also took this time to order some novus 1 and 2 cleaner and 5 pinballs. But why do I need novus and pinballs? This is a virtual cabinet. Well last sunday I fired up my dad’s old D. Gottlieb Kewpie Doll machine. This machine is an EM and being that it sat for 10 years I wasn’t holding my breath that it would work. Amazingly it fired right up and played. Only a few lights were out. Unfortunately the playfield is pretty dirty and looks to have some white fuzzy mold in a few spots. The mold isn’t bad but I want to get it taken care of asap with the novus and then get a nice coat of wax on it. I am sure the balls that are in it are in need of replacing so I ordered those and it is also in dire need of new rubber. Marco sells a rubber kit for this machine so I will probably order from there when the time comes. Next week should be fun though as I will have two large orders coming in. Can’t wait!

TV Decased and fit into machine

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Well I got a bug up my ass and decided to decase the tv today and test fit it into the machine. I have been holding off on order the rest of the parts till I did this. My thought was if I didn’t have to move the plunger that I would, but if I didn’t move the plunger I would have to get slightly more expensive buttons. It would have cost me around $30 for the four flipper buttons rather than $12. I wasn’t liking that. So Upon test fitting the television I felt that the tv was dangerously close to the plunger. If I was to put flashers in the back of the playfield then the plunger would have¬†definitely¬†been in the way. Because of this I decided to move the plunger and order the cheaper buttons. I should also state that this was possibly one of the scariest things I have ever done. I mean if I broke something it was my fault, I had to eat the cost of the tv. I am pleased to say though that it was really quite simple and after around 30 minutes it was decased and sitting in the machine.

Cost page

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I am currently working on a cost page for these project. This will allow people to have an idea of what I have sunk into this and give them an idea of what their costs will be as well. I am exploring making it a plugin so that others could benefit from it as well. Not sure if people would want a plugin for this but it is a possibility.

More rust removal

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This weekend I worked on rust removal again. This time I figured I would tackle the nails on the side rail and the lockdown bar mechanism. I neglected to take pictures of the mechanism before and I appologize. I did remember to snap pics of the nail heads. I taped around the nail heads to keep the naval jelly from getting on the side rails. I find that this stuff is great at removing rust but tends to stain metal. Well it didn’t remove the rust this time. I let it sit for 30 minutes and nothing. I ended up lightly sanding with 200 grit paper and the nails cleaned up pretty good.

For the lockdown bar mechanism I used naval jelly and it took the rust right off. Lightly sanded it with the 200 then 800 grit to remove the grime. I assume that some beer or pop was spilled on this machine at some point. Unfortunately I only snapped one picture. And that is of how I taped off the nail. I still have work to do on this stuff. I will be sure to snap a picture or two of that once it is done.