Order from Bob Roberts in!!!

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Yeah, got home from work and was rather excited to see that my order had arrived safe and sound. Packaged really well. Really a class act. Can’t say much else.

More orders placed

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So after fitting the television in the pinball machine I decided to place an order for some of the parts that I would need. I ordered two sets of flipper buttons, one red and one white. I decided to go with the groovy game gear trueleaf buttons. While I was at it I also ordered a ledwiz 32 and some quick disconnects. I also ordered 5 RGB flashers and matching heatsyncs from ebay. These are coming from china and say that they wont be in till next month. Ouch… The last order that I placed was with pinballlife.com. Here is where the bulk of the parts are coming from. I ordered leg level covers, buttons, springs, cabinet protectors, and a whole slew of other things that I cannot even remember. I also took this time to order some novus 1 and 2 cleaner and 5 pinballs. But why do I need novus and pinballs? This is a virtual cabinet. Well last sunday I fired up my dad’s old D. Gottlieb Kewpie Doll machine. This machine is an EM and being that it sat for 10 years I wasn’t holding my breath that it would work. Amazingly it fired right up and played. Only a few lights were out. Unfortunately the playfield is pretty dirty and looks to have some white fuzzy mold in a few spots. The mold isn’t bad but I want to get it taken care of asap with the novus and then get a nice coat of wax on it. I am sure the balls that are in it are in need of replacing so I ordered those and it is also in dire need of new rubber. Marco sells a rubber kit for this machine so I will probably order from there when the time comes. Next week should be fun though as I will have two large orders coming in. Can’t wait!

First order in to Bob Roberts

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I have placed my first Bob Roberts order. Did this some time last night. The check is written and will be in the mail at some point today (I hope). Excited to finally order from this legend. Got a few tools and some other parts. Unfortunately he was sold out of the leaf switch adjustment tools. Oh well, next time. Here is what I ordered.

2 – .093 Plug & receptacle 6 position w pins & sockets
2 – .093 Plug & receptacle 9 position w pins & sockets
1 – All-in-one HT-1921 crimpers
1 – Molex manual pin/socket extractors .093 – Occasional Use
1 – Pcb mounting feet (4)
1 – Video Game Leg Levelers (4)

Playfield tv has been purchased.

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I purchased the tv for the playfield today. It was a smooth transaction. The tv was found on craigslist. It is a 37 inch LG IPS panel television. I bought it for $360 and it was delivered to my apartment. Can’t complain there. Now to decase it, that scares me.