Before and after shots of legs

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So one of my friends wanted a before and after shot. Here it is. The legs went right back in the same position after I polished them with aluminum foil and water. Amazing eh?

Would you check out those sexy legs!

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I am not going to lie. When I got my cabinet the legs were horrible. They were covered in rust and where the chrome was still showing through, they were not very shiny. Enter the aluminum foil and water trick. You read that right, aluminum foil and water. To do this I took the foil, loosely wadded it up, dipped it in water, then started scrubbing. Every thing I read online said that I should start rubbing lightly but that didn’t work fast enough for me, so I started applying some pressure. The results were amazing! After about 20 seconds the legs started to get covered in blackish water and I could feel the legs were getting smoother. After I washed away the black mess I was amazed at what I saw. Apparently this works because (this is what the inter says, so take it with a grain of salt) aluminum oxide is easier to form than the iron oxide. Rubbing it against the legs transfers the oxygen from the metal onto the aluminum. As a side product of this you get the black water which apparently works great as a polish too. If you enlarge the picture you can see that there is still some pitting in the metal and a little rust left. I have no doubt that I can get this buffed out completely. I only spent about 5 minutes total on this leg. One thing to watch out for is my hand was stained blackish blue for the rest of the night and into today. Next leg I do I will try to remember to take a before and after shot.