Cost page

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I am currently working on a cost page for these project. This will allow people to have an idea of what I have sunk into this and give them an idea of what their costs will be as well. I am exploring making it a plugin so that others could benefit from it as well. Not sure if people would want a plugin for this but it is a possibility.

Influx of spam… reCAPTCHA to the rescue!

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Good thing, I have been getting comments… Bad thing, it is all spam. Granted I have it so that I must approve all comments that wasn’t enough. Right now in my life I have a BlackBerry and I was getting tired of getting emails about comments that were just spam. Looking around for different CAPTCHA I found reCAPTCHA. For those of you that don’t know they give you two words to enter; one word is known, the other is unknown. You enter the known word correctly and you get it. Granted you cannot tell which word known. So why have an unknown word? reCAPTCHA is used for figuring out unknown words when digitizing books. When scanning a book they use OCR software, and generally it does a terrible job. So reCAPTCHA gives these words in their phrase. Once you enter the words (mind you only one is successful) it then compares what other people have entered for that word. Once it reaches a certain threshold of users it assume that the word entered is correct. So in essence, it allows me to keep comments open as well as helping to digitize books so all your “work” entering CAPTCHAs is not wasted. Mind you I hate CAPTCHAs… At least this one is giving back.


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It has come to my attention that the dates were messed up in the theme. I have fixed this. For what ever reason the theme had it hard coded to do m-d-Y-2008-05. Not sure why but it has been fixed…

Site Improvements

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Well I have decided to make some improvements to the site already. The first thing being the theme that I am using appears to have hidden an acne treatment link in the footer, so I modified that code. It was in base64, tricky tricky, so they knew what they were doing and tried to hide how they did it. All I did was convert it to decimal and copy and paste it into the footer and removed the link. That made me pretty angry. I don’t mind having a link to your site or giving credit for making the theme, just don’t put a damn acne treatment ad that I cannot remove (well I could but maybe a non tech savvy person couldn’t).
On the subject of theme changes I moved some things around in the theme. Some things also were not shown so I made them visible. I think that the theme is much more usable now at least.
So what is the next improvement you ask? Why a delicious links section. See I am always on the go. If I find a good link be it when using a computer or when using my BlackBerry I tend to add it to my delicious. Don’t worry, it will only show the ones pertaining to arcades. It will show the last five added. If you would like to see more of them, there is a “more” link that will take you to my delicious page with arcade being the default tag.
Now the final and rather big improvement, the mobile site. If you go to on a mobile device you will be hit with a less intensive version of the page. However, you have the option to view the full version if you so desire. With this it also gives me the ability to post easier with my BlackBerry.
Yay! I’m sure that other changes will be made as the need arises.