Cohort’s New Pinbody

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Well, I picked up another empty pinball body today. This one is for Pierce (he loves his arcade machine btw). It is an old unknown William and the head doesn’t match. Doesn’t matter either way. I really like the art on the body but unfortunately didn’t take any pics of it yet. Going to deliver it to him on Sunday I think.

Story thus far

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Well I am taking a break from working on the arcade panel, figure it would be good to post the story thus far. Some time in the last week of 2009 I contacted a person that I found via craigslist to buy two gutted cabinets. This person told me that it isnt worth it to buy a gutted cabinet, said that it costs more money in the long run. It was clear that he was talking out of his ass for the most part, but offered to sell me a jamma ready cabinet complete with the monitor for $150. This seemed like a great idea. My friend, Pierce, and I were all ready to go pick up these cabinets when Jamie said that he wanted to get one as well. So I called back, again this guy said that he had them but gave me some spiel about how he could toss a streetfighter 2 board into the cabinet and sell it for $600-$800. He just seemed like an ass. Further research using well known arcade forums showed this to be true. What ever, he had the cabinets for us, that is all that mattered. Well on Wednesday, December 30th Jamie made a call to his dad’s friend who dealt in arcade machines. He didn’t have any though he knew someone who may. Jamie called him, same story, but he directed us to someone else, who we will call Michael for the sake of this story. Third time is the charm. Michael had machines, by the boat load. When Jamie said that we had an offer in Pittsburgh for $150 this person promptly offered them to us for $100, and better yet, they had a jamma board included. Sounded too good to be true but Jamie and I went down after work, and it was too good to be true. Wow, he had about 100 machines (not including all of the jukeboxes, pinball machines, and other random entertainment devices). He showed us ones that were $100. So I called Pierce and told him. Michael said that we could stop by at 11 am the next day, which we did, that is when the real story begins.

You see Michael wasn’t around but his employees were, including one that we will from now on refer to as ESDB (el senor douche bag). ESDB informed us that Michael would not be around for some time. That we should come back at around 4:00 pm. Hell it was new years eve, fuck that shit. We waited outside and I guess ESDB called Michael and was told to let us in. He informed us to write down 5 machines and Michael would call back in 15 minutes and give us prices. We wrote down some of the ones that he said were $100 the night before, Ninja Gaiden and Mortal Kombat II. Jamie wanted us to write down NBA Hangtime, NFL Blitz 2000 Gold, Robocop II

ESDB told us it was $100 for a completely gutted cab and $500-600 for a working machine. Not what Michael had told us, but ESDB insisted. During the time before the phone calls he stood around with the other employees and spoke rather loudly about us. Kept saying nasty things for no reason. After all we were taking machines that were in this goddamn warehouse for god knows how long making them no money at all. During this time he also kept telling us that people often come to get the machines with intent of cleaning them up and putting a “compuder in em” and fail. Also said that arcade monitors cannot hook up to a computer without expensive hardware and software. I just ignored him. Pierce on the other hand got fired up. More on that later.

During the waiting time we fired some of the machines up to see if they worked. MKII was good, NBA Hangtime was good. Robocop II was good, Ninja Gaiden was bad. It just had a high pitch clicking going on. I assumed it was the power supply. Forget that one. NFL Blitz turned on but no game came on, not sure what was wrong there. The jamma was plugged in but the board had some missing roms, maybe that was it. I saw a Neo Turf Masters game that he had said $100 for the night before. We plugged it in and were greated with the spinning Neo Geo logo. I claimed it right then and there! Wow, a working neo geo mvs for $100, cabinet and all?!?!?! Too good to be true. But remember it was not on our list…

Well Michael called back and gave us a $100 price tag on MKII, NBA Hangtime, NFL Blitz, and Ninja Gaiden. ESDB was talking to him and Jamie and I asked him to ask about Neo Turf Masters 5 or 6 times. He ignored us. Michael asked to talk to Jamie. Jamie got the phone and asked, Michael said yes, $100 for Neo Turf Masters. I was in bliss!

Now came the time to load them. The day before Michael said that his guys would help us move and load them, well ESDB saw to it that wasn’t going to happen. He told his workers not to help us, and even yelled at them when they tried to. All ESDB did was stand around and laugh at us struggling. That was fine. We were going to get our goddamn arcade machines one way or another. The first machine we moved was the neo geo. This was fun. It was against the wall, burried behind all sorts of amusement equipment. All total I think we moved two jukes, one arcade, 20 pinballs, one pole table, and a dart board. Not to mention a ton of other shit. During this moving Pierce, being pissed off at ESDB, started just throwing stuff out of the way. Comical to say the least. We finally got the neo geo out to the floor and someone showed us how to use the dolly the right way… He got yelled at by none other than ESDB.

The next machine was NBA Hang Time. This was easier. There was an engine lifter, some tires, a foos ball table, and a bowling game in the way. That took us maybe 20 minutes to get out. Mortal Kombat II was right on the end, 20 seconds there. So loading time is now upon us. Jamie pulls his dad’s dodge ram hemi up to the door and we struggle to get the neo geo in. Later I find that the cabinet weighs 375lbs with no game in it… Pierce and I tell Jamie there is no goddamn way we are lifting the others. Pierce goes to Penske, they are closed. I call uhaul and they are open so I give the number to Pierce. He calls and it is disconnected. I call back and it works fine. When Pierce gets back from Penske I call uhaul again. He speaks with them, they have one van, perfect, we will take it! He goes to get it, Jamie and I get the neo geo down. Much easier to get down then to get up on there. Pierce shows up, we load the neo geo and the mkII into the van as that is all that would fit. We load NBA into the truck. Now here comes the best part. We go to each give ESDB $100 for our machines, Pierce and I give him $100 bills, Jamie goes to give him 5 $20 bills. ESDB says “Michael don’t take no small bills”. Someone said that he could take it or leave it but the machine wasn’t coming off the truck. This was at about 3:30. We then take the machines to my house and unload the neo geo and mkII.

That is about it as for how we got the machines. I intend to catalog the restoration process of my machine as I have found other’s sites that did the same rather useful.