TV Decased and fit into machine

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Well I got a bug up my ass and decided to decase the tv today and test fit it into the machine. I have been holding off on order the rest of the parts till I did this. My thought was if I didn’t have to move the plunger that I would, but if I didn’t move the plunger I would have to get slightly more expensive buttons. It would have cost me around $30 for the four flipper buttons rather than $12. I wasn’t liking that. So Upon test fitting the television I felt that the tv was dangerously close to the plunger. If I was to put flashers in the back of the playfield then the plunger would have definitely been in the way. Because of this I decided to move the plunger and order the cheaper buttons. I should also state that this was possibly one of the scariest things I have ever done. I mean if I broke something it was my fault, I had to eat the cost of the tv. I am pleased to say though that it was really quite simple and after around 30 minutes it was decased and sitting in the machine.

More rust removal

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This weekend I worked on rust removal again. This time I figured I would tackle the nails on the side rail and the lockdown bar mechanism. I neglected to take pictures of the mechanism before and I appologize. I did remember to snap pics of the nail heads. I taped around the nail heads to keep the naval jelly from getting on the side rails. I find that this stuff is great at removing rust but tends to stain metal. Well it didn’t remove the rust this time. I let it sit for 30 minutes and nothing. I ended up lightly sanding with 200 grit paper and the nails cleaned up pretty good.

For the lockdown bar mechanism I used naval jelly and it took the rust right off. Lightly sanded it with the 200 then 800 grit to remove the grime. I assume that some beer or pop was spilled on this machine at some point. Unfortunately I only snapped one picture. And that is of how I taped off the nail. I still have work to do on this stuff. I will be sure to snap a picture or two of that once it is done.

Before and after shots of legs

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So one of my friends wanted a before and after shot. Here it is. The legs went right back in the same position after I polished them with aluminum foil and water. Amazing eh?

Would you check out those sexy legs!

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I am not going to lie. When I got my cabinet the legs were horrible. They were covered in rust and where the chrome was still showing through, they were not very shiny. Enter the aluminum foil and water trick. You read that right, aluminum foil and water. To do this I took the foil, loosely wadded it up, dipped it in water, then started scrubbing. Every thing I read online said that I should start rubbing lightly but that didn’t work fast enough for me, so I started applying some pressure. The results were amazing! After about 20 seconds the legs started to get covered in blackish water and I could feel the legs were getting smoother. After I washed away the black mess I was amazed at what I saw. Apparently this works because (this is what the inter says, so take it with a grain of salt) aluminum oxide is easier to form than the iron oxide. Rubbing it against the legs transfers the oxygen from the metal onto the aluminum. As a side product of this you get the black water which apparently works great as a polish too. If you enlarge the picture you can see that there is still some pitting in the metal and a little rust left. I have no doubt that I can get this buffed out completely. I only spent about 5 minutes total on this leg. One thing to watch out for is my hand was stained blackish blue for the rest of the night and into today. Next leg I do I will try to remember to take a before and after shot.

Pinball Machine Progress Update #1

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I have been working on the machine when I find the time. Most of my work so far has been on the head. I have removed the bulb holders and all the metal brackets; I think I will leave the flashing inside though. The glass has been removed from the body, wrapped in cardboard and stashed behind the arcade machine for now. I have not really bought any parts for the cabinet yet but I may actually be picking up a brand new LG IPS screen for the play field soon.

I have decided that one of the previous owners has destroyed the art to the point of it needing redone. I intend to buy some tracing paper and make a stencil and repaint the entire thing. We will see how that goes. Someone at work was nice enough to give me a quart of yellow, red, and blue. All of them look pretty close (if not dead on) to what I will need paint wise. We shall see how this goes. Because of the refinishing I am going to have to remove the side raids and coin door as well. Probably will get that taken care of this weekend, still trying to find the tracing paper.

New Project Emerging

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This blog has fallen stagnant simply because this was never meant to be an ongoing thing. It was simply to show how I set up my arcade machine, which it mostly did. I have done things that I didn’t put on here. I still intend on restoring the cabinet entirely. At any rate, I have started a new project. It is a pinball machine. Restoration is in the planning stages. Hopefully it moves swiftly. Full detailed pickup story to come.

Looking for a new panel

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So since Sunday I have been looking for a new control panel for my arcade machine. Previously I thought my cabinet was the HS-5 given that it has the 25 inch monitor. Though last night right as I was about to pay for the new control panel I PMed the user and asked for measurements. His panel was about two inches wider than mine… What gives? Well it turns out that I actually have the HS-2 with a 25 inch monitor. Not sure if the monitor is stock or not. Still looking for the new panel though. Work has been getting done, just hard to find the time to put that up here.

PC setup complete

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Well the setup of the pc used in my machine is now complete, granted most of the day was spent working on Jamie’s machine at his house. My batch file seems to have done the trick. I am using an nlited xp that I created. It boots quickly, maybe 30 seconds from power on. Once booted into windows MaLa starts right up and I can start playing. A few things are left to still be done, one of them being to prune the game list. I have each letter in its own list but it is still a bit much at time. I would rather each game be listed only one time, with the highest revision us game with at most two players being the one that precedence is given to. I am having a hard time figuring out how to do this. It was great to play some classic games with Peggy though. I did notice the need for larger than a 30 gig hdd so I decided to get a larger one. As luck would have it no one seems to make pata drives any more, and if they do they are not easy to come by. So my solution? Get a new 1 TB drive for my computer and pull one of the 120 gig pata drives out of it (as luck would have it, this was the main drive). That worked fine and I have never seen linux boot so quickly on my machine. Now I have a noticeably faster computer and a larger drive for in my arcade.

Major strides being made

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Well, today was a great day of working hard on getting the j-pac to interface with the monitor. And it worked. It was not without various trials. But I suppose a bit of back story is needed first. Lately any time not spent at work I have been spending setting up the computers to act as the brains of our machines. I started work on Pierce’s computer as his would be the demo of sorts. Once it was all set up I wrote a batch file that would in essence mirror this setup to the other computers, making it easier on me and taking virtually no time. When the j-pac came in this batch file was not yet made, so Pierce’s computer was the clear choice for the j-pac demo. Well we hooked up the j-pac and had soft15khz running. Started the computer and only the top half of the screen was displaying. After fooling around with this for some time I found that it was a problem with the video card not being fully supported. So I then took my computer (still running mame well over two years old at this point), installed soft15hkz, and plugged it in. Worked like a charm! I couldn’t help but play my first game on my new machine. None other than Mr. Do!

I hate plexiglass

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So lately I have been busy doing work on my cabinet, mostly control panel things. After painting the panel I tried cutting the plexi glass. I say try because it failed. I used a 1 1/8 forstner. This works great for drilling the plexi. After it was all drilled I placed it on the panel to have it not fit, at all. The holes were all misaligned. That is fine, number two will be better. So I cut and drilled plexi number two. All of the holes were drilled for the buttons (mind you it takes some time with a forstner bit but the outcome is always a nicer cut) and I was drilling the first hole for the carriage bolt and the plexi shattered (mind you the holes lined up perfectly). At that I went to bed. The next day I took my first cut and put it onto the control panel. The holes looked just as bad as I had remembered. As a quick fix I took my dremel with a sanding bit and lined the holes up. The control panel is now together like that, it may look bad but at least it is functional. Next time I will buy lexan and should have better luck with it not breaking.