More rust removal

Posted by Frank | Posted in Pinball, Research, Work | Posted on 02-04-2012-05-2008


This weekend I worked on rust removal again. This time I figured I would tackle the nails on the side rail and the lockdown bar mechanism. I neglected to take pictures of the mechanism before and I appologize. I did remember to snap pics of the nail heads. I taped around the nail heads to keep the naval jelly from getting on the side rails. I find that this stuff is great at removing rust but tends to stain metal. Well it didn’t remove the rust this time. I let it sit for 30 minutes and nothing. I ended up lightly sanding with 200 grit paper and the nails cleaned up pretty good.

For the lockdown bar mechanism I used naval jelly and it took the rust right off. Lightly sanded it with the 200 then 800 grit to remove the grime. I assume that some beer or pop was spilled on this machine at some point. Unfortunately I only snapped one picture. And that is of how I taped off the nail. I still have work to do on this stuff. I will be sure to snap a picture or two of that once it is done.

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