List of must have tables

Posted by Frank | Posted on 2012-03-19


I have been thinking of tables that I must have. Have the start of a nice list. I am sure it will grow as time goes by. So here it is (in no particular order).

  • Theatre of Magic
  • Cirqus Voltaire
  • Black Knight
  • Addams Family
  • White Water
  • Cyclone
  • Tales From the Crypt
  • Twilight Zone
  • Xenon
  • Dracula
  • Big Bang Bar
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Cohort’s New Pinbody

Posted by Frank | Posted on 2012-03-18


Well, I picked up another empty pinball body today. This one is for Pierce (he loves his arcade machine btw). It is an old unknown William and the head doesn’t match. Doesn’t matter either way. I really like the art on the body but unfortunately didn’t take any pics of it yet. Going to deliver it to him on Sunday I think.

Playfield tv has been purchased.

Posted by Frank | Posted on 2012-03-11


I purchased the tv for the playfield today. It was a smooth transaction. The tv was found on craigslist. It is a 37 inch LG IPS panel television. I bought it for $360 and it was delivered to my apartment. Can’t complain there. Now to decase it, that scares me.

Pinball Machine Progress Update #1

Posted by Frank | Posted on 2012-03-09


I have been working on the machine when I find the time. Most of my work so far has been on the head. I have removed the bulb holders and all the metal brackets; I think I will leave the flashing inside though. The glass has been removed from the body, wrapped in cardboard and stashed behind the arcade machine for now. I have not really bought any parts for the cabinet yet but I may actually be picking up a brand new LG IPS screen for the play field soon.

I have decided that one of the previous owners has destroyed the art to the point of it needing redone. I intend to buy some tracing paper and make a stencil and repaint the entire thing. We will see how that goes. Someone at work was nice enough to give me a quart of yellow, red, and blue. All of them look pretty close (if not dead on) to what I will need paint wise. We shall see how this goes. Because of the refinishing I am going to have to remove the side raids and coin door as well. Probably will get that taken care of this weekend, still trying to find the tracing paper.

New Project Emerging

Posted by Frank | Posted on 2012-03-05


This blog has fallen stagnant simply because this was never meant to be an ongoing thing. It was simply to show how I set up my arcade machine, which it mostly did. I have done things that I didn’t put on here. I still intend on restoring the cabinet entirely. At any rate, I have started a new project. It is a pinball machine. Restoration is in the planning stages. Hopefully it moves swiftly. Full detailed pickup story to come.

Looking for a new panel

Posted by Frank | Posted on 2010-03-02


So since Sunday I have been looking for a new control panel for my arcade machine. Previously I thought my cabinet was the HS-5 given that it has the 25 inch monitor. Though last night right as I was about to pay for the new control panel I PMed the user and asked for measurements. His panel was about two inches wider than mine… What gives? Well it turns out that I actually have the HS-2 with a 25 inch monitor. Not sure if the monitor is stock or not. Still looking for the new panel though. Work has been getting done, just hard to find the time to put that up here.

Influx of spam… reCAPTCHA to the rescue!

Posted by Frank | Posted on 2010-01-20


Good thing, I have been getting comments… Bad thing, it is all spam. Granted I have it so that I must approve all comments that wasn’t enough. Right now in my life I have a BlackBerry and I was getting tired of getting emails about comments that were just spam. Looking around for different CAPTCHA I found reCAPTCHA. For those of you that don’t know they give you two words to enter; one word is known, the other is unknown. You enter the known word correctly and you get it. Granted you cannot tell which word known. So why have an unknown word? reCAPTCHA is used for figuring out unknown words when digitizing books. When scanning a book they use OCR software, and generally it does a terrible job. So reCAPTCHA gives these words in their phrase. Once you enter the words (mind you only one is successful) it then compares what other people have entered for that word. Once it reaches a certain threshold of users it assume that the word entered is correct. So in essence, it allows me to keep comments open as well as helping to digitize books so all your “work” entering CAPTCHAs is not wasted. Mind you I hate CAPTCHAs… At least this one is giving back.


Posted by Frank | Posted on 2010-01-18


It has come to my attention that the dates were messed up in the theme. I have fixed this. For what ever reason the theme had it hard coded to do m-d-Y-2008-05. Not sure why but it has been fixed…

PC setup complete

Posted by Frank | Posted on 2010-01-15


Well the setup of the pc used in my machine is now complete, granted most of the day was spent working on Jamie’s machine at his house. My batch file seems to have done the trick. I am using an nlited xp that I created. It boots quickly, maybe 30 seconds from power on. Once booted into windows MaLa starts right up and I can start playing. A few things are left to still be done, one of them being to prune the game list. I have each letter in its own list but it is still a bit much at time. I would rather each game be listed only one time, with the highest revision us game with at most two players being the one that precedence is given to. I am having a hard time figuring out how to do this. It was great to play some classic games with Peggy though. I did notice the need for larger than a 30 gig hdd so I decided to get a larger one. As luck would have it no one seems to make pata drives any more, and if they do they are not easy to come by. So my solution? Get a new 1 TB drive for my computer and pull one of the 120 gig pata drives out of it (as luck would have it, this was the main drive). That worked fine and I have never seen linux boot so quickly on my machine. Now I have a noticeably faster computer and a larger drive for in my arcade.

Major strides being made

Posted by Frank | Posted on 2010-01-13


Well, today was a great day of working hard on getting the j-pac to interface with the monitor. And it worked. It was not without various trials. But I suppose a bit of back story is needed first. Lately any time not spent at work I have been spending setting up the computers to act as the brains of our machines. I started work on Pierce’s computer as his would be the demo of sorts. Once it was all set up I wrote a batch file that would in essence mirror this setup to the other computers, making it easier on me and taking virtually no time. When the j-pac came in this batch file was not yet made, so Pierce’s computer was the clear choice for the j-pac demo. Well we hooked up the j-pac and had soft15khz running. Started the computer and only the top half of the screen was displaying. After fooling around with this for some time I found that it was a problem with the video card not being fully supported. So I then took my computer (still running mame well over two years old at this point), installed soft15hkz, and plugged it in. Worked like a charm! I couldn’t help but play my first game on my new machine. None other than Mr. Do!