TV Decased and fit into machine

Posted by Frank | Posted in Pinball, Research, Work | Posted on 05-04-2012-05-2008


Well I got a bug up my ass and decided to decase the tv today and test fit it into the machine. I have been holding off on order the rest of the parts till I did this. My thought was if I didn’t have to move the plunger that I would, but if I didn’t move the plunger I would have to get slightly more expensive buttons. It would have cost me around $30 for the four flipper buttons rather than $12. I wasn’t liking that. So Upon test fitting the television I felt that the tv was dangerously close to the plunger. If I was to put flashers in the back of the playfield then the plunger would have¬†definitely¬†been in the way. Because of this I decided to move the plunger and order the cheaper buttons. I should also state that this was possibly one of the scariest things I have ever done. I mean if I broke something it was my fault, I had to eat the cost of the tv. I am pleased to say though that it was really quite simple and after around 30 minutes it was decased and sitting in the machine.

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